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feature ph. Lorenzo Busato’s ‘Op.9 n.2′

Category : Features, Personal Work Jun 11th, 2012

Title: ‘Op.9 n.2′
Photography: Lorenzo Busato









Artisit’s note:
The target of this work is to analyze the sensation I feel while I listen to music and the way across music influences the project. The head is completely wrap up with vibes, on the body are flowing sounds, everything around it seems unreal.

In between a number of scores I have chose the Nocture Op.9 n°2 (key of Eb major) by Chopin. Listening to this with shut eyes I drawn the basic lines of the silhouette for a woman collection. A game of stripe fabrics, for me representing the pentagram is interrupted by what I define breaks, respites. The sound is muting into color, the rhythm into cut, the pause into a separating mass, the symphony becomes a figure.

The result is very similar to a kaleidoscopic image, a pentagram wrapping up the body of the individual almost canceling his identity. Strict to the planning level, the thesis is the occasion for presenting a visual essay collecting the whole experience underlining the great connection between art and music. The shooting of the collection in a train station, a busy place where most of the times people need isolation and breaking from reality. In this moment, without distinctions of age, sex, origin, grows the need of shelter in an own world just putting on the earphones linked to the mp3 player. Everything starts flowing faster.

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