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feature ph. JUCO with md. Wylie Hays in ‘Cabin Fever’ (+VIDEO)

Category : Editorial, Fashion, Features, Models, TPL's Favorites, Video & Film Jul 16th, 2012

Editorial: ‘Cabin Fever’
Editor: Kevin NoMSG
Style: Julia Galdo
Model: Wylie Hays (Next)
Photography: JUCO Photo (Redeye Reps)



















“Psychotic Girl” by The Black Keys

“Cabin Fever can be described as when someone is isolated from just about everything. For our Summer 2012 Pictorial, our blonde beauty of a model is stuck in the middle of the woods with only herself to keep her company. When you have nobody to talk too and the only sounds you can hear are those of animals and the wind, you may start to get a little case of cabin fever and soon enough things start to get a little crazy. While our model seems to have a certain psyched-out Girl Interrupted glaze over her, that doesn’t mean she can’t dress up a little bit and have some fun. Taking some inspiration from the 70′s fashion and classic cult films of the 80′s, and of course a little accompaniment from The Black Keys, the Cabin Fever Summer 2012 Pictorial will surely take you too this psycho dream-filled afternoon full of earth-toned options that’ll have you begging for a longer summer.”

sent in via 80′s Purple

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