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feature ph. Cyrille Weiner, with mds. Andy Vest, Elodie Navarre, and Zara Prassinot

Category : Editorial, Fashion, Features, Magazines, Models, TPL's Favorites Nov 30th, 2009

Magazine: Standard 24, July 2009
Make-up & hair: Fabrice Pinet
Post: Marco Giani
Style: Jean-Marc Rabemila
Models: Andy Gilet, Elodie Navarre, and Zara Prassinot
Directed: David Herman
Photography: Cyrille Weiner

















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  • Trey

    I may just have to repost this. This is probably THE most awkward editorial I’ve ever seen. The models look super uncomfortable, especially in shot 7. She looks like she just found out her gastric bypass surgery has been cancelled.

    This is a horror. These models must have been close friends of the photographer because they couldn’t have been cast worse! please tell me somebody agrees with me…

  • The Photography Link

    Really? I kinda dig the non-traditional. I love how Parisian this ed. is. I don’t know if they are models, but I like the natural beauty.

  • Cyrille Weiner

    very happy to be featured in TPL, with a controversal start…
    Models are comedians. Please read Andy Gilet (not Andy Vest) who has been featured in latest Eric rohmer’s film and Kenzo ad campaigns.
    They manage very well despite the very cold weather that made them uncomfortable sometimes.

  • Trey

    On that note I’d have to say he is probably the only one who comes close to looking remotely comfortable. I can’t say I am an expert on what looks good in editorials, but I’ve seen my fair share and have seen a lot of good stuff from even young models of 16. These models should know what they’re doing by now (unless they’re fairly new, which it doesn’t sound like because they were published), and cold weather is hardly an excuse.

    Even in shot 10 the girl leaning against the wall doesn’t look “all there”, so it’s difficult to focus on what the concept was at all. I can only see this as amateur at best. I agree with TPL in that I do like the non-traditional, non-commercial aspect of it. But this talk of cold weather has left me with a cold feeling and even more discomfort…

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