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md. Marloes Horst for Myla Spring Summer 2010

Category : Campaigns, Designers, Fashion, Models, TPL's Favorites Mar 7th, 2010

Designer: Myla
Campaign: Spring Summer 2010 Lingerie & Swimwear
Model: Marloes Horst



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  • Lupe Jelena

    Wow, I mean, her figure, her hair… and her skin, it all looks gorgeous. I think it must be the lighting.
    Her face expressions kinda don´t change, but I guess it´s ok, because she looks amazing.

  • nerdette

    strange you call yourself a photography site yet you do not credit the photographer. lame.

  • The Photography Link

    Almost every other post on the site credits the photographer(s). I spend a lot of time trying to find credit info. If you know the photographers name I would love to update the post with it.

  • DeLont

    great lighting and model…..


    wow… really nice lighting.
    it really soft lighting but make the model look so HOT

  • Summer

    Thats some really good lighting, and the model is hot.