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Portfolio highlight, ph. Saga Sigurdardottir

Photography: Saga Sigurdardottir – Saga is from Reykjavik, Iceland, but she’s spending her time in the fashion photography program at the…

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Special Feature: ‘Alison’ by ph. Jack Radcliffe

Story: ‘Alison’ Photography: Jack Radcliffe, I saw this series a while ago and I was blown away. It is…

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ph. Patrick Demarchelier’s ‘Femme Fatale’ for Vogue Germany

Magazine: Vogue Germany, August 2009 Editorial: ‘Femme Fatale’ Model: Catherine McNeil Photography: Patrick Demarchelier -

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feature ph. Ekaterina Melnikova’s ‘Dream & Reality’

Series: Dream & Reality Hair, Make up, Style: Jane Model: Ekaterina Mihailova Photographer: Ekaterina Melnikova – This was sent in…

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ph. Samuli Karala’s ‘Fragile Nature’

‘Fragile Nature’ Make Up: Anu Levy Hair: Karoliina Kangas Retouching: Love Color Ltd Styled: Minttu Vesala Models: Ann-Marie, Emilia and…

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ph. Zoey Grossman’s ‘Meet Me at the Zoo’

‘Meet Me at the Zoo’ Makeup: Samuel Paul Hair: Tony Vin Styling: Brett Bailey Model: Abby Brothers (Vision, LA) Photography:…

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feature ph. Lucila Cummins

Photography: Lucia Cummins, – This feature was sent to me by email. Thanks Lucila!

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feature ph. Karl Rothenberger

Photographer: Karl Rothenberger – TPL favorite-d.

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‘Bang – Bang,’ Numéro #97

Magazine: Numéro #97 Editorial: ‘Bang – Bang’ Issue: October 2008 Photographer: Miles Aldridge – This ed. would hurt my eyes…

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