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If you would like to submit images for consideration please remember that you must include the following information for credit purposes: photographer(s) name(s), makeup artist, hair stylist, the series or editorial’s title, where the images were published and issue and date (eg. Vogue UK, April 2011), any model(s) name(s), anyone else who worked on the submission, and any applicable links. Incomplete submissions may not be accepted.

You may submit up to 20 images per series or editorial. Images should be 72 dpi and at least 800 pixels on the shortest end. Please try not to send pdf, zip, or rar files. Please do not just send a link to your portfolio. Instead, select your strongest series or editorial and submit that with all credit info. Submissions should be sent to Add your Twitter username if you would like it to be added to tweet about the post.

If you are a fashion photographer submitting your own images, you can include a short bio and link to your site. Try to keep the bio around 500 characters.

Priority will be given to published work, but I encourage you to submit unpublished work as well. I love seeing new work from emerging talent.

To get an idea of the submitted work that is published on the site, take a look at the featured category.


Please be patient after your submission request. There are a lot of submissions that I have to go through. I may need to contact you for additional information so please include an email address that you check on a regular basis. If your submission is published on the site there will also be a teaser post on TPL’s Facebook page. If you have anymore questions please email me.

Looking forward to hearing from you!



(Also, I’m looking for a few good motivated people. Email for more info)